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Some found and sometimes my own art and/or creations I find around the web.  We’re very visceral creatures and visualization can boost and even change how our future manifests it.  Art helps us.  It’s who we are…we create.  Born to do so.  Why else had we been created?

Enjoy 🙂



Want More Sales? Join My #Poshmark Share Group and See Them Soar!

I’m very proud to proclaim the good news…of Poshmark.  And how it has changed my life entirely in every imaginable way.  Also, I’m very VERY proud to share the fact that a good friend, (aka “PFF” – ) of mine recently asked me to host one of her share group closet’s on a daily basis.  Honestly, it’s one of the most flattering things that has happened to be on this crazy beautiful experience called #Poshing this past year.  That, and getting named and humbled as a #Suggested_User are two things that have completely made my life a very very happy one.

What is a “Share Group” you might ask?  Well, sometimes Poshers will choose to make an additional closet just to turn it into a “Share Group” closet, with a totally different name and premise.  This takes a LOT of work to keep up not just one closet, but two at the same time!  The share group that I personally host for, along with several other beautiful souls that I shall list shortly, is called the @Pink_Ladies_ share gorup and is run by a super great human being and friend of mine named Jay.  ***Click on the link to check it out for fun!***  SO; if you’re a Poshmark User and you feel pretty stagnant lately when it comes to your follower count and your sales, then a Share Group is the BEST way to boost those sales and followers, hands down!  What we do GENERALLY speaking, for specific groups like mine for example – titled “FASHION BOMB” daily share group in the @Pink_Ladies_ closet – is sign up daily on the post with this title by commenting and leaving your username with the “@” symbol beforehand.  And, for future reference, you’ll do this with any share groups that you’ll come across on Poshmark where it says you have to “sign in”.

Now, for example, my username is HACSINCE91 – so if I wanted to share for tomorrow’s share group since the deadline to sign up for my specific group that I host, are between the hours of 12 AM to 3PM PST & 6PM EST, and you will not be included if you sign in with your username after 6PM EST/3PM PST – I would sign up by simply commenting “@hacsince91.”  And that’s it!  Then, your job and promise to keep is to make sure to READ THE RULES.  Below is a picture for my specific share group hosted through @Pink_Ladies_ closet and it CLEARLY lists the rules in the cover photos!  So make sure to go over those at least a couple of times to have it sink in.

This share group’s rules are fairly simple and simply state that you have to be a POSHMARK RULE FOLLOWING/RULE COMPLIANT CLOSET.  AKA:  you don’t post things like men’s clothing or baby shoes.  It’s really frustrating to be a rule follower, and I think I can speak on all my fellow PFF’s behalf on this one, and to be scrolling down your FEED *just like Facebook!* and sharing closets and realize you accidentally shared a kid’s tshirt or men’s Timberland’sN-O!  Not allowed.  And if you try to sign up for ANY share group with things like these listed above ^ or used makeup/used bathing suits and underwear, etc, you’re OUT my friend.  At least until you clean up your Posh closet “mess” and delete those illegal items, then alert the host and she’ll let you back in.  *AKA: me.*  SO: my closet says to be POSH COMPLIANT and to make sure to share at LEAST 8 items from each closet that has signed up and is listed in the Host’s final “SIGN UP ENDED” post with the list of username’s to share to try and make it easier.  BUT, the catch is…pick and choose 8 items which each closet has ZERO to VERY FEW NOTES!!  This way, we can focus on getting sales for those items that haven’t gotten a chance to sparkle and catch anyone’s eye yet.  WOO!  And we’re done!

See, it’s really not that hard, right?  The thing that makes me “proud” about all of this work daily, though, is that these ladies that have continually come back – even if not every day but at least twice a week – have spiked sales in DRAMATIC ways that put me in awe at times.  Literally, it’ll make me gasp to go to my friends’ closets who have signed up and will be about to share 8+ items and see they’ve got 5 sales since the previous night.  These ladies went from getting 0 or CLOSE to none to getting several sales a week.  I’m SO so proud and work my butt off with @Pink_Ladies_ closet to try and help you all get as many followers and sales as possible.  AKA: this post is a prime example!  Haha.  So, God Bless…and now I’m going to list my PFF/Share Group-ers’ Items finally to put them on display for the world!  Click on the item to get sent over to Poshmark’s site to look at the detailed page!

Love and Blessings to you!  Leave a comment if you have any questions or are interested in more information on what it is to be a Poshmark seller/buyer and/or to join a share group!  Kisses!



A gorgeous button down blouse from one of my regular share group member’s closets – closet name: @ShopnAway

Another item from @ShopnAway’s super cute closet! Love the bright orange, red, and yellow blend here in this geometric-style thigh-high skirt.

Here is another share group members’ super adorable mini Authentic Coach clutch! This item belongs to the Poshmark user’s closet named: @Clever102

Another item belonging to Posh user: @Clever102 || these are a pair of chic popular brand name “Miss Me” jeans size 28/31

Silver coin necklace belonging to share group regular/Posh seller: @jadrch

Another beautiful item from Posh user and my share group regular, Angie. Gorgeous Abalone bracelet in silver casting. Poshmark Username: @jadrch

Chic & cute boho necklace from another share gruop regulars’ closet named: @hrv_boutique

I’m a Suggested User on Poshmark!!

Yes, the time has come.  And I screamed like a little girl when I received the email, not gonna lie.  It’s hard to hear about other people getting what you want and this was definitely the case for me over the past 9 months when I would hear about others receiving the title of “Suggested User.”  I even emailed the Posh team a couple of times just to check and see if I needed to resubmit myself in case I “flunked” out and was just waiting around like a bozo, haha.  They’ve been incredibly professional and sweet, (as always), and have tolerated me in a very loving way.  Just have to say that running my own LLC is not easy work but these ladies make it ALL worth it and are such an uplifting inspiration to me on a daily basis.  Silicone Valley, here I come!

Anywho, I just want to say thanks to anyone who might even be reading this by accident, because you’re still reading it.  You might have no idea what I’m talking about and not care and that’s okay too!!  This is just a celebration post.  So, thank you!
Above is a little screenshot of my POSHMARK page! Http://

Love and Blessings!!



Posh Tip: How to Become a Suggested User

One of the most common questions around Poshmark has got to be, “how do I become a Suggested User?” That’s why we decided to share the low-down on this program! Read on to get the scoop!


  • Be in good standing. Being a Suggested User is like being an ambassador—a big part of the role is ushering in, welcoming, and helping educate new users as they become part of our community. As such, we’re looking for Poshers who are proactive about getting to know our rules and follow them to a T. A few helpful hints? Do not have unsupported items or coordinate offline transactions/communications. You’ll also want to be sure that you conduct yourself in a professional manner that is in line with our Community Guidelines at all times.
  • Maintain a full closet. Fill up your closet with at least 25 awesome listings and start promoting. Poshers must have at…

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Posh Parties: How To Be a Stellar Host

So you’ve been invited to host a Posh Party–congrats! You have your party date confirmed, but now what? Co-hosting these virtual, in-app parties can seem overwhelming and exciting, all at the same time. That’s why we’ve put together some information on how to host a stellar Posh Party!


  • Spread the Word! What’s a party if all of your closest gals aren’t there with you? Tell all of your friends and family about your party and get them to attend. And don’t forget about your social media accounts! Share your party using the hashtag #PoshParty on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blog, or anywhere else you have an online presence. The more, the merrier!
  • Know Poshmark’s Guidelines! As a party host, it’s extremely important that you know and embrace our guidelines. Violations in your closet may delay your Posh Party hosting date–and nobody wants that! You’ll also want to make sure your host…

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Posh Party Line-Up

Source: Posh Party Line-Up

I See a red-dress and i want to paint it black….

I see her red mink coat and maybe pin-stripe-slacks…

I’m hosting!  CO-hosting! NOW! Come my ladies & lads! ONLY LESS THAN AN HOUR LEFT FOR OUR BLACK FRIDAY PARTY! to shop! or download the poshmark app to register to sell! come on people now!  Love to yous!




Gwen rocking the black edge

Gwen rocking the black edge

IMG_1657Ms. H with her adorable black and white dinosaur button up and black jeans.  Now these ladies I could shop with! 😉

Kendall Jenner Goes Blonde & Trippy for Vogue

Yes, you heard it here, the Kardashian Kin-ling has donned a brand new bold & blonde look.  This could very well be temporary, but still looks pretty awesome for what the cause was.  If you were asked to dye your hair for any Vogue photo shoot, would you?  Probably going to guess that your answer is “yes.”  If you add the fact that she got to have the theme of Alice in Wonderland, then you’ve got one wicked cool idea.  Their creative team do not let your hopes down whatsoever, and neither does her talent as a blooming model.  Anyone who says that she looks anything BUT stunning is either blind or part of the Westboro Baptist Church.  Woops!  Did I just go there?  But, really though.  Check out the photos below!


All rights for this post’s photos belong to VOGUE.  I am but a mere messenger of the media.  Check the rest out below the cut!


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In Celebration of Halloween – Here’s A Behind the Scenes “Suicide Squad” Chase Scene Shot

So, not only is this going to be a “retail” site, this is also going to be a blog.  Yes, yes..I know..*yawns all around*.  Blogging is one of my first loves, (along with film, acting, writing, reading, dancing, film and video editing and filmmaking, art, style/fashion creation, etc etc) – so this is your warning! 😉  So in celebration of this…I bring you an awesome behind the scenes photograph of a chase sequence shot in Toronto, with Jared Leto as the Joker and the gorgeous and picture perfect Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, racing away as Batman has jumped onto the top of their extremely FINE car.

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Welcome everyone! Site will be starting it’s official listing of items for sale today!

In the meantime, please feel free to be my first contributors!  And fill this quick fashion-forward poll out.  Not only just for fun, but it also helps me (and other sellers who see…) what my LOVELY and freaking amazing first followers want so that I can make sure to post…

…as much of what YOU want for sale.  This site is just as much for me as it is for helping YOU!!  AKA: %110 percent for me to stock up on exactly those items you want, and to give them to you at the cheapest imaginable prices

HAVE AN “ISO”? PLEASE, SEND A LINK OR PHOTO TO ME AND SHOW ME WHAT YOU WANT.  I will respond letting you know that since I will order this for you, we are making a non-paper-pact.  So if you break the agreement while I’m ordering a special order for you, my boundaries have been crossed and we will no longer be exchanging words over “ISO” objects.  You can order off my main stock.  And your special privileges are revoked.

Poshmark is what started my confidence up to do what I love.  So here I am! 🙂  I have thousands in debt over being let go by a gov’t contractor, spent months interviewing for other jobs.  I finally said no, I will do what I Love.  And this is my passion to sell.  Sell unique and nostalgic things to people who will feel like they have just GAINED a special piece of themselves by buying it.  It’s not about the money, I Just have to make a living as well.  One day when i’m full of billions I’ll come back , find you all and give you tons of designer clothing for free 😉 haha.  But for now, I Must charge.


I’m open to any requests; from fashion to trinkets to anything.  On Posh I only sell POSH ALLOWED ITEMS = WOMEN’S CLOTHING.  NOTHING ELSE.   I love Posh and do not break their rules.


Here I sell anything really that I deem appropriate.  Just ask!  I’m your genie. 😉

I’m so excited that I don’t even think I can put into words