Hello!  Welcome welcome.  We’re still under construction but owe you a little intro in the meantime.  Click “Read More” for some inspiration and knowledge, because I certainly am a TREE of knowledge.


I’ve started this blog as apart of my new business, The Haute Holly-Would Hive LLC – I’m a “gypsy” of sorts.  Or a black sheep, but I prefer gypsy.  No job I have worked has ever been able to quite quench my thirst for more.  From Target to tanning salons to childcare to waiting tables and even contractors for the government, nothing could do it.  I’m happy with the people I’ve met that are most important and the experience gained.  But I’ve been in love with reading, writing, acting, film, singing, and style since I was a child.  Now, I get to start selling things I love.  Now, being that I’m already in quite a bit of debt from being unemployed after I was laid off from my contractor, I haven’t exactly chosen the route that seems smartest to the average person by jumping into a start-up small business company.  But that’s where I need you!  This is my living, blogging is something I’ve been doing since about age 11 and I’ll never stop.  Film, filmmaking, acting, entertainment in general have been huge passions of mine and to be able to interview people of great worth whether externally showing it or internally being someone who you wouldn’t recognize, well that’s my dream.  And acting.  Acting will always be something that is #1 on my list.

And fashion ties into it all.  I’ve had a love for it since I can remember, but struggled through my life until after I received my GED post junior year of h.s. and started community college classes while my friends were starting their senior year.  I thought I had to wear Abercrombie, or Hollister, maybe Limited Too (if that’s even still around.)  I had one year when I went all out with Hot Topic and black & pink converse daily.  Along with vintage-esque clothes.  Being called “goth” by my parents would be upsetting every day coming home, but I was semi happy.  Except that didn’t even feel right.  Now, I look how I want to look.  It expresses who we are in such a creative way.  I’ve been creating collages of fashion magazine cut outs since I can remember in notebooks and sketch pads.  Photography is something I love as well, and did enjoy that in school.  I learned a lot that has helped me become a seller today.

Poshmark , the #1 fashion app of all time is what has gotten me here today.  And yes, I have mannequins.  Haha.  I was ridiculed at first and told I was just doing nothing.  But now, I’m applauded for my entrepreneurial heart and for getting where I am.  To have my parents talk proudly about me in this creative endeavor is one of the most complimentary things in the world because believe me, that is a rarity.


I hope you enjoy my posts.  This is just the start.  And if you have any interest in the same things, please drop me a comment.  I’d love to hear from you.  We all need eachother in this business called life.  Happiness doesn’t just come from work, it’s from the people you connect with throughout it as well.  And Poshmark has opened me up to a whole new world.  Am I in debt at the moment?  Yes.  I can’t remember which month the last time it had been when my Suntrust account balance was at $0 and am afraid to look!  But here I am, taking a leap of faith.  And am writing a memoir too.


My goals:  get this thing started up, I don’t expect anyone to donate money towards me ever – although one amazing woman did do this on Poshmark.  Sent me two $25 gift cards.  Just because of the love and light in her heart, and told me I was a flame and not to give up because of my great purpose that exudes out of my pours.


I even had an eye doctor talk to me for 10 min and tell me he felt my energy walking into the building and knew I was “different”, that I needed to write a book.  That I was like Dorothy in OZ, and people needed to hear my story.


So:  I pay a debt consolidator every month $300 to pay small portions for my debts, but haven’t been affording that.  And I have two more payments to an amazing publishing company for the memoir I promised myself I’d write by age 25 (I’m currently 24) back when I was 12 or so.  I want this, I love this, I need this.


We were created to create.  And you were too.  Do what you love, and maybe even tell me about it if you feel like you would want to chat.


God Bless.


xoxo, Holly

In the meantime, while my shopify is being perfected, you can browse my “closet” on Poshmark right here.


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