I’m a Suggested User on Poshmark!!

Yes, the time has come.  And I screamed like a little girl when I received the email, not gonna lie.  It’s hard to hear about other people getting what you want and this was definitely the case for me over the past 9 months when I would hear about others receiving the title of “Suggested User.”  I even emailed the Posh team a couple of times just to check and see if I needed to resubmit myself in case I “flunked” out and was just waiting around like a bozo, haha.  They’ve been incredibly professional and sweet, (as always), and have tolerated me in a very loving way.  Just have to say that running my own LLC is not easy work but these ladies make it ALL worth it and are such an uplifting inspiration to me on a daily basis.  Silicone Valley, here I come!

Anywho, I just want to say thanks to anyone who might even be reading this by accident, because you’re still reading it.  You might have no idea what I’m talking about and not care and that’s okay too!!  This is just a celebration post.  So, thank you!
Above is a little screenshot of my POSHMARK page! Http://poshmark.com/closet/hacsince91

Love and Blessings!!



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