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I’m so upset I missed another one of your hiring events!! I’ve been kicking myself for not having come out for the last. I’m in VA but currently saving, via Posh full-time selling with my LLC, to move to California already. And have already planned to take a train out to you guys to your next interview session. My mom’s family grew up right down the street off of Clayton Drive, in Menlo Park & my grandfather was the Artistic Director for Sunset Magazine which is very close by to you all! (Or, atleast it was the last time I checked…awhile..ago..haha..) I would LOVE to come out. Every single day, I can’t get it off of my mind. I’m a huge computer whiz nerd, fast typist, passion for all creativity and have been creating style cut out/scrapbooks since I was 10, along with fashion blogs! Hahah. It still blows my mind I started that so young, but it didn’t hit me until recently how I would be PERFECT for handling your work with urgent replies to customers via support@poshmark, keeping an eye on all “reported” users and listings, and just being Posh Justice in general! Anyways, I love Posh, and I love it for much more than just the materialistic aspect. It’s my dream to work for you. And I’d give absolutely anything to even be a personal assistant, answer calls, answer emails, or even be the ‘go-for’ for everyone’s morning coffee. Haha, I adore you all and your teamwork. I couldn’t ask for a bigger blessing than to work with you, and am so sad I missed yet another hiring date. Is there any way I might be able to send you all an interview mock video-recording or Skype? I’ll glady come out of course but I just want to get ANYTHING to you to even get you to consider having me come out , considering I already missed the hiring session.
Love & Blessings Cali Beauties,
-Holly Curtis



Poshmark is looking for rockstar Community Associates who will be part of our growing community and customer service team.

Sound like you would be a good fit? Come and meet the team at our recruiting event on Wednesday,February 24, 2016, from 6:00 to 7:30pm at Poshmark HQ in Redwood City! Bring your resume and be ready for mingling, small bites, and wine! The Community team will be answering questions about #TeamPosh and providing more insight into what it’s like to work at Poshmark.

Space is limited, so reserve your spot with an RSVP! For more information about joining our team, see Poshmark’s careers page.

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