#PoshFind(s) of the Day!

This post is about to include some of the jazziest little finds I’ve come across today on #PoshMark_App.  There’s basically every single category you could ever think of to search…(as long as it isn’t rated X).  If you’re an avid online retail buyer, you need to visit either http://www.Poshmark.com or pull out your smart-phone and download the Poshmark App!  Your life is about to change.

Anywho, as for today; I shall be listing several cool little things I’ve stumbled across on my voyage through the Posh-Sea-of-Love.  And, in the words of Heath Ledger’s “Joker”…ANDD HEREEE WEEE GO!


Sassy size 9 pair of KimChi Blue heels belonging to Poshmark user: louface

 Okay, so that’s just one. But I’ll be making similar posts very very soon.  Stay tuned folks!


QueenBee Holly

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