Eye-Catching Iron Fist 

Now, you may get tired of always seeing your “typical” run-of-the-mill named brand designers while you’re sifting through the pages of your Poshmark app, (or, I guess if you use some other way of shopping for retail online then you can use that, too… *wink wink wink wink wink*), but you’ll stop right in your tracks when you see Iron Fist’s wicked goth-chic clothing line.  They’re like a cross between a 70’s style platform shoe and a Hot Topic over-the-top collared multi- print, neon colored dress.  Well, that was quite the run-on sentence with way too many instances for using a hyphen!  

But, that honestly is the best way I could possibly describe this awesome label’s sexy take on zombies and guts.  Yeah, somebody actually made those two things line up, back to back, with the word “sexy” in one sentence.  Who would’ve thought that that was even possible?!  And if you’re an avid fangirl/fanboy of “The Walking Dead,” you’ll surely take a bite out of these adorable little pieces.  They fresh to death…literally…

So, let me cut through this chatter and show you some of their finest specimens via the most glorious online new and used retail store, Poshmark.  P.S. You don’t have to even download the app on your smartphone to use this, that’s only if you want to MAKE a post in order to sell on the app!  Instead, you can just browse or shop or even share via it’s handy little website URL, http://www.poshmark.com


Super cute and for a super price , too!

 Click HERE to see on Poshmark
Care Bear Tote Bag 

Ahh If I had the cash to splurge on this fine find I certainly would! Rare, too.

Click HERE to view this item on Poshmark
Next, we have something for those “Walking Dead” fans!!  Zombie hands grasping at your cleavage… How classy!  Yet they still make it cute.     

Click HERE to view the Zombie-handsy bikini top on Poshmark

 Here is an adorably gore-filled pare of size 10 platform heels.  This is where the disco kicks in.  
Click HERE for these delish platform heels.
Thanks for reading!  Seeya on the flip side, ya’ll.


QueenBee Holly

Mini Bio from IronFist.com :
San Diego, California, 2001, two friends with a shared passion for art, surfing, street culture, music and skateboarding came together with a vision of creating a brand of clothing and shoes that wouldnt be found anywhere else.
Influenced by the environment around them, Iron Fist Clothing puts out some of the most unique designs and products on the market, using some of the greatest underground and street artists around.
As the guys say themselves, Iron Fist is Real clothing made by real people

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