Kendall Jenner Goes Blonde & Trippy for Vogue

Yes, you heard it here, the Kardashian Kin-ling has donned a brand new bold & blonde look.  This could very well be temporary, but still looks pretty awesome for what the cause was.  If you were asked to dye your hair for any Vogue photo shoot, would you?  Probably going to guess that your answer is “yes.”  If you add the fact that she got to have the theme of Alice in Wonderland, then you’ve got one wicked cool idea.  Their creative team do not let your hopes down whatsoever, and neither does her talent as a blooming model.  Anyone who says that she looks anything BUT stunning is either blind or part of the Westboro Baptist Church.  Woops!  Did I just go there?  But, really though.  Check out the photos below!


All rights for this post’s photos belong to VOGUE.  I am but a mere messenger of the media.  Check the rest out below the cut!


Vogue’s “Kendall in Wonderland” Photoshoot for December 2015


Kendall Jenner for VOGUE December 2015


Kendall Jenner for VOGUE December 2015


Kendall Jenner for VOGUE December 2015


Kendall Jenner for VOGUE December 2015


Kendall Jenner for VOGUE December 2015


Kendall Jenner for VOGUE December 2015

Now…you see what I mean?  Kendall also has such big and beautiful eyes, they look perfect with her small figure and dark eye make-up to really make her look like the modernized Alice with features which truly POP out at you.  Photographers Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott do an extraordinary job with their creative vision, and all of the stylists along with the supporting models along for the ride with Kendall-Alice included, too.  What an inspiring chunk of high profile art I get to bring to you straight from the iconic VOGUE as one of’s very first posts.  And what an honor to do so.

Please, leave a shout-out with your opinion on the shoot!  And does anyone prefer Kendall with blonde over brunette?  Leave your mark below!  And thanks for reading the Holly-Hive.  This is Queen Bee Holly signing out.

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