In the meantime, please feel free to be my first contributors!  And fill this quick fashion-forward poll out.  Not only just for fun, but it also helps me (and other sellers who see…) what my LOVELY and freaking amazing first followers want so that I can make sure to post…

…as much of what YOU want for sale.  This site is just as much for me as it is for helping YOU!!  AKA: %110 percent for me to stock up on exactly those items you want, and to give them to you at the cheapest imaginable prices

HAVE AN “ISO”? PLEASE, SEND A LINK OR PHOTO TO ME AND SHOW ME WHAT YOU WANT.  I will respond letting you know that since I will order this for you, we are making a non-paper-pact.  So if you break the agreement while I’m ordering a special order for you, my boundaries have been crossed and we will no longer be exchanging words over “ISO” objects.  You can order off my main stock.  And your special privileges are revoked.

Poshmark is what started my confidence up to do what I love.  So here I am! 🙂  I have thousands in debt over being let go by a gov’t contractor, spent months interviewing for other jobs.  I finally said no, I will do what I Love.  And this is my passion to sell.  Sell unique and nostalgic things to people who will feel like they have just GAINED a special piece of themselves by buying it.  It’s not about the money, I Just have to make a living as well.  One day when i’m full of billions I’ll come back , find you all and give you tons of designer clothing for free 😉 haha.  But for now, I Must charge.


I’m open to any requests; from fashion to trinkets to anything.  On Posh I only sell POSH ALLOWED ITEMS = WOMEN’S CLOTHING.  NOTHING ELSE.   I love Posh and do not break their rules.


Here I sell anything really that I deem appropriate.  Just ask!  I’m your genie. 😉

I’m so excited that I don’t even think I can put into words


Welcome everyone! Site will be starting it’s official listing of items for sale today!

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